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Pomade Club Acquires 3-Decker Pomade Co.

Having our own line of products has been a goal of ours for years. While we have worked with several labs on creating our own line and experimenting with various types of product and ingredients none of our test batches ever came to light due to various reasons like moving to Nevada, supplier issues, and more recently, challenges brought on by the Pandemic.

After hearing that the owners of 3-Decker Pomade were looking to sell the company, we jumped at the chance. Pomade Club is happy to announce that we have acquired 3-Decker Pomade Co. and will be producing products in-house here at our Las Vegas, NV location. 

We fully intend to keep producing with high quality sourced ingredients, brewing in small batches, and of course, using their original formulations. We have recently added a smaller 2oz travel jar and a couple new scents to the lineup with more products planned for the future. We hope you enjoy our products and we look forward for the 2nd half of 2021. 

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