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Flagship Streamline Heavy Clay

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Our Heavy Clay was made with the intent of being resilient and strong. Thick consistency and slight waxiness lend themselves to instant volume. Despite this, the scoop is easy and creamy. As the product settles in, the clays and waxes bring the finish of the product down into the more matte end of the spectrum. Much like some of the other Heavy Clay's on the market, ours is meant for texture or for clean styling. What you'll find is that rather than being overly gritty or overly oily, ours sits in a perfect balance. Easily restylable with either finger or a comb, the hold persists for days. We also wanted to balance it to the point that if you want to adjust results using a prestyler, it will not go overboard. Requires shampoo to get out of hair. Main Fragrance: Orchid and Orange Blossom (FO): Blend of neroli, bergamot, orchid, and jasmine on a base of vetiver, patchouli and musk tallow. Fresh and light.

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