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Lockharts Authentic Professional Matte Clay 1.25oz

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New formula with more hold and less shine. With so many variations of clay products on the market, it is difficult to find the right one for you. Some clays dry up your hair while others are far too greasy and difficult to work with. Some are very strong and heavy while others are too light. Lockhart's Professional Matte clay offers a balanced medium to all these problems, allowing your hair to move naturally while keeping its desired shape. Features a healthy matte shine. You won't need too much product; a few small scoops should be enough to create your textured style. Scent features subtle notes of lavender, earthy moss, and musk. Scent is not overpowering so it will blend well with colognes or desired fragrance. Comes in a 1oz plastic travel size jar.

Hold Strength: Medium Hold

Shine: Matte

Washability: Easy

Size: 1.25

Formulation: Oil Based


Use small amount into blow dried hair from back to front. Apply small amounts until the desired hold is achieved. Blow dry hair with medium heat into desired shape, then, using the cold setting on the blowdryer, style the hair into the finished shape. The heat will allow the hair to move into place and retain it's shape. The cool setting will let the product soak into the hair providing a matte sheen. Hair will remain malleable all day and will be easy to restyle.



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