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Pomade Box - Beginners

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Only at Pomade Club! The Beginner's Pomade Box is perfect for anyone that has never used pomade before. Buy it for yourself or as a gift and introduce someone to the wonderful Pomade World. The Pomade Box saves you tons of money versus buying full size versions of these items individually and helps guide you towards the right products.

This box includes some of our best selling water soluble pomades that are easy to use and easy to wash out with just water. Now includes more samples including conditioner packets to help hydrate your hair if needed. This is a permanent box that we will try to always keep in stock.

Now you can further customize your Box. Choose between regular hold and/or strong hold version for Reuzel, Layrite or Steadfast pomades. Choose between the original versatile O'Douds Multi-purpose pomade or the newer, much easier to wash out Standard Pomade. Stronger hold recommended for thicker or curlier hair.

For complete details on each product, visit each product's individual detail page.

Note: Pomade Box is constantly updated so price and individual item packaging (label/jar design) may slightly vary. We encourage you to review full versions of your Pomade Box items on after you've tried them. Submit reviews on our website and refer your friends to the Pomade Box and earn rewards points for the referral through our rewards points program.

Hold Strength:




Formulation: Water Based


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